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New Low Cost and Active Cleaning

If you are looking for something new and exciting in the world of cleaning the Toucan-Eco stands out as a real innovation. Imagine making a low cost and effective combined cleaner/disinfectant from a simple solution of salt and water using electro chemical activation. read more...

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Where to use it

The Toucan-Eco is designed for use wherever there is a requirement for the continuous use of cleaning and disinfectant agents in commercial, retail, medical, leisure, and industrial facilities. The fluids replace many conventional chemicals and are generated on demand read more...

How it works

How it works

Using the Toucan-Eco couldn't be easier. It only needs tap water, salt (which is supplied in the starter pack) and an electricity supply. Once the base station is plugged in the salt and water mix takes only three minutes to convert to the activated cleaner/disinfectant read more...

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"Fluids are produced on the spot. There are no transport costs, no storage costs, and no inventory to manage"